Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


Inspired by the scientific insights, KLEANTHOUS has come up with something entirely new in the world that is nothing less than a technological breakthrough. The first ultrasound unit for cosmetics with a medical glass head and high-performance and highly integrative LED technology that generates light frequencies specifically matched to the cosmetic application. Beyond this, modularly programmed ultrasound frequencies top off the extraordinary functioning of this new and unique device. A whole series of potential cosmetic applications can now be translated into reality that was previously not feasible in this fashion. This spells out a completely new range of possibilities and professional institute cosmetics in combination with the highly active ingredients of the KLEANTHOUS range of products. 

the key selling points for sonostar 25

  • 25 individual application programs
  • highly integrative LED technology for selective spectral light
  • medical glass head (hygienic and extremely smooth gliding)
  • 1 sound head suited both to face and body
  • storage battery instead of cables for mobile working
  • intelligent charging equipment
  • ultrasound without power loss, and designed to fit your hand