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special products


neck cream

c.s.m. enriched


The skin of the neck and décolleté is particularly subject to stress due to clothes and sunlight exposure. This neck cream meets the high expectations posed to a care product for difficult body areas. The moisture-rich cream is rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin with a feeling of firmness. Dry and scaling skin, redness, itching or burning: the skin of the neck region is particularly sensitive to stress and environmental influences. Various active herbal substances with a soothing effect on the skin and a c.s.m. complex particularly created to meet such requirements emphasise the effectiveness of this care product.


repair mask

c.s.m. enriched


In spite of daily care, our skin shows symptoms of stress when subject to particular strain. Dry sensitive skin and red capillaries are clear signs of stress. The unique combination of soy, St. John's wort, sea weeds and cell supporting molecules soothes the skin.

balancer cream
c.s.m. enriched

balancer cream is the ideal day and night care for what is known as „adult acne“ and rosacea. Special vegetable oils, root extracts and minerals support the forming of the skin’s natural protective acid mantle and help normalise the balance of sebum and moisture. 

balancer mask
c.s.m. enriched

This regulating moisture mask is especially suitable for oily skin and large pores. Vitamin A regulates hornification of the uppermost cell layer and is therefore also suitable for irritated and sensitive skin.