Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


power skin care

c.s.m. cream
high performance

This unique, creamy and velvety texture contains skin soothing and hygroscopic active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. It conveys a feeling of pure luxury on the skin. c.s.m. cream is a care product that combines our long experience in cell regeneration with the most recent high-tech skin care ingredients. Soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid merge with jojoba oil to give you the experience of a completely new skin care sensation. Calendula and vitamin A boost the skin's defences. Your skin feels soft and smooth. The special mixture of cell supporting molecules supports the natural regeneration capacity of the skin.


 c.s.m. protection cream
high performance

This rich textured cream contains vitamins to ward off free radicals and moisture binding agents such as hyaluronic acid and urea. The cream is especially suitable as day and night skincare for demanding skin types. Highquality vegetable oils protect the skin against drying – also in the cold season – and effectively prevent it from feeling tight.

c.s.m. eye mask
extra enriched

This smooth and slightly dense cream nestles to your tired eye areas just like wafer-thin eye pads constantly providing your skin with valuable care substances and visibly reducing the depth of wrinkles. Eye wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags or dry skin: there many good reasons to apply this mask. Since it does not contain any creeping oils, the mask can be applied up to the eyelashes.


 c.s.m. moisturising mask
high performance

This luxurious moisturising mask contains natural and nature-identical agents including urea, hyaluronic acid, yam root extracts and pearl proteins. The goal is to increase the skin‘s capacity for retaining moisture and improve skin elasticity. The mask works wonders on dry, irritated, demanding and largepored skin types.