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perfect body


body shape cream


c.s.m. enriched


Cellulite, padding and decreasing skin elasticity are a challenge for every effective body product. body shape cream accepts such a challenge and relies on the L-carnitine enzyme which has a stimulating effect on the metabolism. Cell supporting molecules contribute to tighten the connective tissue while caffeine stimulates the blood circulation. Precious plant products such as St. John's wort, calendula and horse chestnut promotes the blood circulation and supports the function of blood vessels. Best results are obtained by using body shape cream in combination with a body shape ultrasound treatment in your beauty salon.


perfect bust


c.s.m. enriched


For greater femininity. It tightens and strengthens the bust and the décolleté. An improvement of the skin elasticity of 47% has been proved. Isoflavones from hop, cell supporting molecules as well as an African bark extract perform a miracle.