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deep cleansing 


deep cleansing lotion
extra sensitive

There is nothing more appealing than a bright and harmonious complexion. A thorough and daily cleansing of the skin is the basis for such an appearance. This creamy lotion easily removes make-up and dust particles. Thanks to its precious herbal ingredients such as allantoin and honey, it can be used for greasy, dry or sensitive skin. It leaves skin with a velvety feeling and protects the acid mantle of the skin.

sensitive enzym peeling
gentle care

It gently removes the superfluous surface cells that make the skin look rough and uneven. The enzy- matic active sub- stance develops its best effect already after a short appli- cation time and it helps noticeably refine the skin appearance. Thus, it makes the skin more receptive for the subsequent appli- cation of KLEANTHOUS care products. The gentle peeling can be applied daily even in case of sensitive skin.

refreshing cleansing water
extra sensitive

This facial tonic is indispensable for the daily cleansing and prepares the skin to receive KLEANTHOUS care products. It eliminates the residues of make-up as well as of lime resulting from the use of tap water and refines the pores. Silk proteins retain skin's moisture balance avoiding an unpleasant tightening feeling. A light and fresh fragrance enriches your wellness experience.