Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


cleaning & care

cleansing foam
gentle care

Deep cleaning the pores while at the same time protecting the acid mantle of the skin is an indis- pensable preparation for the subsequent treatment with active agents. The cleaning foam eliminates make-up and dirt particles definitely and effectively. Its clean- ing agents are mild and gentle to the skin: they leave your skin with a bright feeling and refine the pores.

peeling cream
smooth exfoliation

Older skin cells lie on the surface of the skin as dry scales forming a protective coating. When this scales layer becomes too thick, the skin appears grey and feels rough. Thanks to its small particles, the peeling cream gently and thoroughly removes the superfluous dead skin cells providing a peach-like smooth and rosy skin complexion.

tonic foam
herbal formular

After cleaning the skin, there are still residues of make-up and sometimes also residues of lime resulting from the use of tap water. The microfine cleansing foam thoroughly eliminates these residues. The re- freshing and caring mousse is enriched with a number of herbal extracts.