Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


active substances


firming serum

 c.s.m. enriched

A freshness kick for your skin. Dry skin first needs to be purified before being able to retain moisture, again. The tightening serum has a moisturising action. If applied regularly, elastin and cell supporting molecules promote a long-lasting improvement of the skin condition.



balancer serum

 herbal formula

Nowadays, problematic skin, subject to spots and pustules, does not concern only teenagers, anymore. The tincture with tee tree oil and lichen extract helps in case of impure skin and excessive sebum production.


high performance serum

 c.s.m. enriched

Mature skin needs collagen and a better blood circulation. One of the main aims is to recover the elasticity of the skin. Ideal to obtain immediate beauty results for special occasions. Enriched with cell supportin molecules, aloe vera and vitamin-B, the high performance serum is also suitable for a tonic ampoules treatment.



couperose serum

 c.s.m. enriched

Couperose are small dilated capillaries that appear on the cheeks and the nose. It can be caused by high blood pressure and environmental conditions or may occur in case of intense heat and cold. couperose serum calms the skin and reduces the redness. Cell supporting molecules strengthen the capillary walls.


complex h serum
c.s.m. enriched

Deep wrinkles caused by individual facial expression such as small eye and mouth wrinkles need a special complex of active ingredients which includes both muscle relaxation and the tightening as well as the filling up of the lower skin layers. complex h serum - c.s.m. enriched is a concentrate containing cross-linked and uncross-linked hyaluronic acid as well as a special mixture, cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.). Thanks to the muscle relaxing plant extract Gatuline expression, the enormous skin rejuvenation effect is immediately noticeable.