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24 hours | 7 days


ultra cream 
c.s.m. enriched

From the age of 40 on, a care product must not only have a moisturizing effect, but also be able to balance the lack of natural skin fats. The compact ultra cream meets the needs of aged skin thanks to its valuable vegetable oils and bioactive cell extracts. The ideal day and night cream to begin a treatment with active agents. The cell supporting molecules contained in ultra cream support the natural metabolism of the skin. ultra cream deeply moisturises the skin and works against dryness. Vegetable cold pressed oils make the cream so precious and extremely kind to skin. 

day cream

c.s.m. enriched

During the day, the skin loses a lot of moisture. Dry skin quickly shows small wrinkles and has a tired appearance. The fine molecular consistency of this delicate creamy day care proves convincing immediately after application. It absorbs rapidly, provides a lasting moisture and protects against free radicals. Allantoin and ivy extract improve skin cell structure. The cell supporting molecules contained in the product help purify the skin preventing it from the inside from drying out. day cream is an excellent basis for make-up.


night cream
c.s.m. enriched

The natural regeneration of the skin takes place during the night. This is the time when moisture is retained in the skin. Thanks to valuable care substances such as squalane (a precious oil obtained from the olive) and trace elements the reach night cream promotes the biological cell renewal and helps preventing wrinkles due to dryness. Sleep yourself beautiful: the natural regeneration phase of the organism is used to purify the skin by means of the cell supporting molecules and stimulate the natural cell renewal process.



eye cream
c.s.m. enriched

The best a care products series can offer is focussed on the problems of the eye areas. Optimal compatibility is here a fundamental prerequisite. eye cream meets the highest care requirements and is recommendable in case of eye wrinkles, tired eyelids, eye bags and puffiness. The high concentration of cell supporting molecules satisfies the needs of the stressed eye areas. Squalane (a precious oil obtained from the olive) together with calendula, jojoba oil and trace elements provide for excellent care properties.